About Egypt

Egypt  A Perfect Venue to Host DIGI SIGN AFRICA 

Egypt is located in the center of the Middle East, and is considered as the trading hub between the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world.

Geography, population, history, military strength, and diplomatic expertise give Egypt extensive political and economic influence in the Middle East. Cairo has been always the crossroad of Arab-African and international commerce and culture.

After the 25th of January revolution, Egypt’s economy is expected to witness massive growth and the country is expected to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This growth will generate excitement, as Egypt is considered as one of the hottest business spots in the Middle East and Africa. The country’s potential is widely recognized.

Moreover, although Egypt’s economy is already booming there is a confidence among many familiar with the region that the country’s economy is still only in second gear and its real potential is still yet to be seen.

Egypt’s population exceeded 87 million, a huge market with different stages of development, where the social, cultural, dynamic forces and change of market needs can generate profitable business to both local and foreign companies ready to take the initiative, and explore new methods for making profit.

Equally important, Egypt is a market with an exceptionally growing population with needs to fulfill, and different life styles, where the average consumption is one of the highest anywhere. A growing market with a trend of change and innovation, and this trend is gaining more momentum.