Market Overview

Egypt’s  Advertising  and  Digital Printing Market  Overview

Outdoor advertising industry plays an energetic role in shaping the economies of several countries. Outdoor advertising is a very cost effective way of putting across thousands of products to the common people. Statistics have indicated that the growth in the revenue of outdoor advertising industry in Egypt was approximately US$ 50 million in the year 2005.

This revenue record in the outdoor advertising market is predicted to raise reaching US$ 350 million in the year 2012. The outdoor advertising industry market in Egypt is expected to grow at a rate ranging between 15-20% annually in the coming 5 years. Egypt is ranked as the biggest digital printing market in Africa.

Digital advertising is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors within the advertising industry in Egypt. It is estimated that there are about 350 production digital printing presses operating in the Egyptian market, producing an average of 200 million color pages and 900 million B/W pages.

The Egyptian government strongly supported the advertising industry by decreasing the custom fees from more than 35% to be just 5% on all the industry requirements. The Egyptian government cut most tariffs on raw materials and inputs, completely eliminating duties on key industrial elements including the different types of printing machinery, equipment and spare parts, these products were formerly subject to duties of 6% to 21%.